The Soaltee Kathmandu offers complimentary parking for hotel guests.

Yes, when you book your stay at The Soaltee Kathmandu direct, choose one of our flexible rates which includes the flexibility to change or cancel your reservation at no charge.

The Soaltee Kathmandu has 3 restaurants. All Day Dining – GARDEN TERRACE, BAO XUAN– Flavors of China and KAKORI- Indian Specialty.

Check-in at The Soaltee Kathmandu is from 14:00 hrs, and check-out time is 11:00 hrs. For any early check-in or late check-out request, contact the hotel directly at +977-1-4273999 or dm@soaltee.com

Yes, The Soaltee Kathmandu has an outdoor pool.

Yes, there is an onsite fitness center at The Soaltee Kathmandu.

Yes, The Soaltee Kathmandu offers free WiFi!

8 Can I bring my pet to The Soaltee Kathmandu?

No, pets are not allowed at The Soaltee Kathmandu.